Boat licence & Skipper training

Boat Licence

General info:

According to Croatian law, at least one person on the vessel must possess valid Navigational and VHF licences. If you want to charter a boat but don’t want to hire a skipper, then you must have valid licences in addition to sailing experience.

Navigational and VHF licences in Croatia are issued by Port Authorities. If your licence has been issued in a foreign country, please check whether it is valid for Croatian territorial waters. To obtain a skipper’s license, one must take classes and pass an exam that includes theoretical and practical elements. If you want to bareboat charter, you must send us copies of your licences in advance to confirm the booking. If there is something wrong with your papers, we will inform you immediately.

You also need to have the original copies with you on-board, so don’t forget to take them. Croatian laws are very strict on this matter, and it is impossible to charter a boat without all the necessary documents.

Skipper training

It is understandable that many of you who have never driven, or have not driven boat or a speedboat for a long time, have a certain fear of driving. For that reason we offer you SKIPPER TRAINING IN FAŽANA.

If you are already in possession of boat driving licence but you never had opportunity to drive a boat or you just do not feel confident to drive it we can offer you a SKIPPER TRAINING.

The individualized program is prepared according to the “individuality” of each student, considering his needs, previously acquired knowledge and experience as well as the goals he/she wants to achieve.

With our experienced skipper, in a relaxing atmosphere, you will acquire, or refresh, your driving skills, and you will feel safe while driving some of our speedboats. 

Duration of training is 2 hours (this can vary depending of number of participants and their previous knowledge).

We are at your disposal for any questions you may have.